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Topic: Addressing Life Struggles Through Real Truth

Guest: Kerrie Oles, Author, For Real, Navigating Truth through Trials

Synopsis: Sherry Bronson speaks with Kerrie Oles, Author about her new book, Salvation Story, and why is so important that women understand their value/identity only comes from God? She defines “Real Truth” for us when we are talking about our issues and struggles.


Topic: God’s Grace & Mental Health

Guest: Lionel Sneed, Author, Think and Grow in Grace

Synopsis: Sherry Bronson speaks with Lionel Sneed, Author, Think & Grow in Grace. Lionel shares his powerful salvation story and defines the Grace of God.  He shares his own story of God’s Grace as he accepted that both his sons were diagnosed with mental disorders such as ADHD and Asperger syndrome.

Topic: Adopted: Overcoming Identity Struggles

Guest: Robert Grant, Author, Touching the Fingers of God

Synopsis: Sherry Bronson, TV Host speaks with Robert E. Grant about his heartfelt story of reuniting with his mother and siblings after 40 years. He was adopted and separated from his family and what an extraordinary story of forgiveness, hope, grace, and redemption.


Topic: Making Each Other’s Dreams Leap

Guest: Dalis Artiz and Susan Elaine Swearingin

Synopsis: Sherry Bronson talks with women of God, Dalis Artiz and Susan Elaine Swearingin about supporting and uplifting women who are pursuing their dreams. How can women serve in each personally and professionally? How can women overcome the competitive jealousy spirit? What should women do to stop the self-condemnation?

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